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Sweden: Child Brides Eligible For Child Support

Islamic Rape Culture, Multiculture, Sweden, War On Children

Child brides living with Muslim men can apply for child support from the Swedish social services.

In its latest move to abandon all decency, the Swedish government is in essence recognizing child abuse and pedophilia. Instead of arresting old men who exploit underage girls, the authorities have acknowledged the blatant child abuse, by making child brides eligible for child support.

While the money is supposed to be paid directly to the child, there is no oversight how the money is actually used. It is extremely likely that the money will end up in the hands of the pedophile husbands instead.

In its inability and unwillingness to tackle pedophilia among the Muslim population, the Swedish government officials have again revealed their true colors. While virtue signalling love and tolerance, the government is an accomplice to pedophilia and crimes against women. During the last 30 years Sweden has imported close to a million people incompatible with a civilized society. This has resulted in rape rates and attacks against women skyrocketing.

In many Islamic countries women have barely any rights, often ending up in forced marriages. A high percentage of women are also victims of female genital mutilation., not that the far-left cares about such silly things.

The far left-hate organizations and media are fighting hard to paint a picture of Sweden as a socialist utopia. Those who point out the lies are labeled racists and Nazis by the far-left, and risk being ostracized.

It is also widely known that the far-left takes a fancy for young children. That might also explain the attempts to normalize pedophilia and acknowledge child brides.

(The title picture originates from a social experiment made by the Lebanese KAFA in 2015)

Source: (In Swedish) Metro

Author: Sander Laanemaa

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