Germany offers to pay illegal migrants up to €3000 to return home

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In its latest lunacy the German government, led by the former Stasi informer Angela Merkel, will offer all failed asylum seekers and illegal migrants up to €3000 if they voluntarily return to their home countries. This move raises serious concerns about the sincerity of the German Chancellor who has repeatedly stated the positive economic and genetic effects of all “refugees” from Große-Syrien.

The offer is allegedly aimed towards easing the repatriation process for rejected asylum seekers. Those who voluntarily return are already offered between €800 and €1200 per person. How this system is not abused however, is not made immediately clear.

The deadline for the additional grant is February 28, 2018. Half of the grant is paid upon leaving Germany, while the other half is to be paid eight months after their return to home.

The scheme only applies to people from “safe countries of origin”, such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Somalia, as judged by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

In addition, each illegal migrant can apply for additional €1000 towards rent or renovations of their home in their native country.

It is reported that out of 115000 rejected illegal migrants only 8639 have participated in the program between February and October. Also, many illegal aliens can not be deported due to vague claims stating humanitarian reasons.

At this moment it is not known what the opinion of native Germans is regarding the scheme, as nobody in the socialist government nor media has bothered to ask them.

Source: Suedkurier (In German)

Author: Sander Laanemaa

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