Fully Loaded RPG Found Close To Stockholm On Friday


Swedish Police has found a fully loaded RPG hidden in a forest close to Stockholm on Friday evening.

The weapon is an older model that has not used since the Great Nordic Biker War. It is not immediately known if the weapon in question originates from a Swedish Armory or has been smuggled into the country in the 1990’s. The Stockholm police has since not issued any other statements regarding the find.

The incident comes only days after a grenade was thrown at police officers in Uppsala, while many similar attacks go often unreported.

Sources: Expressen (In Swedish),  The Local


Author: Sander Laanemaa

Sander Laanemaa was born in Estonia in 1984. In 2011 he graduated from the Estonian Maritime Academy as a deck officer. During his studies he took an interest in history, philosophy, psychology, and the occult. His research guided him deep into the rabbit hole, which ultimately led to the creation of Culture Wars.

Sander is fluent in English, Swedish, Finnish, and Estonian.

He has given a number of lectures on various topics on maritime affairs, and also on ancient history and the faults of contemporary social movements.

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