Eight out of ten girls feel unsafe in Uppsala

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Eight out of ten girls feel unsafe when they are outside, according to a survey by Region Uppsala. The police officials confirm that the problem is with “migrants” who harass the girls.

Roughly 82,5% of the girls in high school feel unsafe when they are outside, in the city of Uppsala. Just 4 years ago in 2013, the number was 55%. Around 3900 high school students participated in the survey.

The results are supported by Daniel Larsson, the commissioner of Uppsala Police. He has given stark instructions to his own teenage daughters to keep clear of the the train station and the city in general in the evenings, because there are gangs of “migrants” who assault Swedish girls.

The “migrants” are very aggressive towards girls, and they have on several occasions followed his daughters. Journalists from a local newspaper – UNT – have spoken to many parents, and all of them have strongly advised their daughters to avoid the train station. One parent reported how the “migrants” caught his daughter, but fortunately she managed to escape.

In an attempt to increase safety, the city has employed guards who patrol the city, as well as installed additional security cameras at the train station.

Erik Pelling, a member of the municipality council in Uppsala, has expressed hope that the new measures will help the dire situation. There has however been no talk of any changes in the immigration policy. Uppsala has accepted a large number of “unaccompanied minors” – many of whom are in reality older men.

Of the boys who participated in the survey, only 51,7% felt safe, compared to 69,6% in 2013.

The question asked in the survey was: “Do you feel safe in the city?”

While the situation in Sweden is dire, it might still be a little bit better than in Germany, where Muslim sex attacks have been a commonplace.



Author: Sander Laanemaa

Sander Laanemaa was born in Estonia in 1984. In 2011 he graduated from the Estonian Maritime Academy as a deck officer. During his studies he took an interest in history, philosophy, psychology, and the occult. His research guided him deep into the rabbit hole, which ultimately led to the creation of Culture Wars.

Sander is fluent in English, Swedish, Finnish, and Estonian.

He has given a number of lectures on various topics on maritime affairs, and also on ancient history and the faults of contemporary social movements.

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