Dreamers & Nightmares – How Immigration and Socialism Cause Climate Change

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As multiple hurricanes hit the east coast of the US, left wing commentators are doing everything they can to tie these hurricanes to climate change. Evidence on the subject is mixed, but it appears that warmer temperatures and sea level rise may be increasing the severity of the hurricanes, increasing wind speed and flooding during the storms. But even if these hurricanes are made worse by climate change, it does not support the narrative being pushed by the left that we must become more socialist and cooperative. If anything, the opposite is true.

It’s true that the developed world consumes more per person than the developing world, which has an effect on climate change. The average American consumes so much that if everyone on Earth consumed like the average American, it would take 4.75 Earths to provide for us all without doing permanent damage to our ecosystem. Much of Europe is nearly as bad; it would take over 4.5 Earths to provide for everyone if we all consumed like the average Brit, 4.2 Earths if we all consumed like the average Swede, or 3 Earths if we all consumed like the average German. Compared to poor countries like India and Nigeria, where consumption is so low it would take only 0.67 Earths to provide for everyone if we all consumed like the average Indian or Nigerian. But socialism and wealth redistribution from the rich to the poor will not reduce the amount we consume or help us produce things more sustainably.

This has led many on the left, such as Bill Nye, Gloria Steinem, and The Guardian, to argue that we should reduce birth rates in developed countries so there will be fewer people consuming at those high rates. However, the developed world already has low birth rates. The US and all of Europe already have birth rates below replacement rates. Most of the population growth in the developed world is due to aging and immigration, not births. If we’re going to ask people in developed countries to reproduce less, it’s also important to reduce immigration from poor countries to wealthier countries where immigrants will end up consuming far more and contributing more to climate change than they would have back home. And we can’t tackle the problems of population growth in the developed world without tackling the problem of population growth in poor countries that spill people over their borders into the developed world.

Also, just because a country is poor and consumes less per person doesn’t mean their overall impact on the environment is less when you take population size into consideration. The US has a lower population density than the world average, while India’s population density is more than 10 times as high as the US. If every country on Earth had the same population density and consumption per person as the US, we would need 2.75 Earths to provide for everyone without destroying our ecosystem, while if every country had India’s, 4.8 Earths to provide for everyone. India does far more environmental damage than the US despite its people’s relative poverty. But even that isn’t nearly as bad as Germany, where open immigration policies, refugee resettlement, and a welfare state that ensures everyone has plenty to consume and aims to keep everyone alive and consuming for as long as possible has resulted in a population density almost as high as India’s with higher consumption per person. If every country on Earth had Germany’s population density and consumption per person, we would need a whopping 12.7 Earths to provide for everyone without destroying our ecosystem. Germany is the darling of the left, one of the biggest supporters of the European Union’s refugee resettlement and open immigration policies, with a generous welfare state, and they’ve done more to switch to renewable energy than most developed countries. And yet, the effects of their immigration policies and socialist policies that help their new immigrants and nonworking citizens consume just as much as hard working, responsible Germans outweigh the good that their green policies are doing by a massive amount.

Many of the people moving from relatively poor countries to the developed world in search of economic opportunities that will allow them to consume more and destroy our world faster are not even that poor to begin with. If everyone on Earth consumed like the average Mexican, we would need 1.67 Earths to provide for everyone –less than the US, but more than enough to be unaffordable. And yet, the American left looks at the Mexican population and sees poor people who deserve a higher standard of living and wants to let millions of them move to the US where most of them will end up with higher incomes than they have back home. With those higher incomes comes more consumption and pollution and ecological devastation. If the average Mexican already consumes more than we can afford to let them consume, how can we possibly afford to let them move to the US and consume more?

The left is even more hypocritically dangerous when it comes to the poor in the developed world. What’s considered the poverty line in most developed countries is above the limit of what we could afford to let everyone consume without destroying our planet. And yet the left looks at people who have cars, refrigerators, tvs, cell phones, and all the other modern appliances that are burning energy and causing climate change and calls them poor and demands that we spend more money to enable them to consume more. They look at our retirees, the longest living generation in human history in the richest countries on Earth, literally the most privileged people who ever lived, and rather than condemn them for their privilege as they do to whites, men, straight people, and Christians, they see them as poor victims who need a government handout so they can continue consuming long after they stop contributing anything productive to society. In the US, more than 1/3 of federal government spending goes towards social security and medicare to take care of people who will never work again no matter how much we spend on them.

Part of the reason people have so much trouble trusting the left’s claims about climate change is that they don’t actually take their own claims seriously. They see climate change not as a problem to be solved, but as a weapon they can use to attack wealthy people, successful people, and business owners. They reject any argument that they may have to cut down their own personal consumption or stop playing the victim or stop virtue signaling on behalf of immigrants, poor people, and the elderly and disabled because they don’t actually have any interest in solving climate change and saving the world. Their only interest is in tearing down people wealthier and more successful than they are so they can continue consuming at the expense of others. Don’t be fooled. Climate change is a serious issue, but left wing policies will do nothing to solve it and will only make the problem worse. Instead, we should be listening to the needs of the right-leaning rural working class who will be doing nearly all of the difficult, dangerous jobs needed to build new renewable power plants and run sustainable farms so we can solve climate change. They’re right to be skeptical of left wing politicians who want them to work harder for less to solve the problem (since renewable power takes more labor to produce the same amount of energy as fossil fuels and sustainable farms take more labor to produce the same amount of food as factory farms), especially when the people asking them to solve climate change are also asking them to work harder for less to provide for people who don’t work as hard as they do while trying to replace them with immigrants and with feminist policies that discourage them from having kids. In the fight to solve climate change, the right wing rural working class are the real heroes, while the stuck up urban left that ask them to work harder for less without sacrificing anything themselves are the real villains.

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