Despite Charlottesville, Muslims have killed more people by running them over than the alt right in the last week

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More than a dozen people were killed by an Islamic terror attack in Barcelona, Spain as an Islamic terrorist drove a van into a crowd of people. Another similar attack in Spain was thwarted by police who shot the would be terrorist before he was able to kill anyone. It has been less than a week since the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, and the mainstream media has devoted many hours and pages of coverage to demonizing the alt right, using the death of Antifa protester Heather Heyer to paint the alt right as a violent hate group. Meanwhile, the media has largely ignored Islam’s role in Islamic terror, treating the Barcelona attack as an isolated incident despite the fact that the average Muslim is far more likely to kill for their beliefs than the average white Christian conservative. This is especially ironic since, in the past week, Muslims have literally killed more people by intentionally running them over with their cars than the alt right, while the media continues to paint the alt right as an inherently violent and genocidal movement for the single death at the Unite the Right rally. The modern left constantly makes excuses for Islamic violence while viciously attacking any pro-western right wing movements.

The left’s love for Islam is completely at odds with reality. Islam is horribly toxic to the left’s stated goals. According to the World Economic Forum’s global gender gap report, which ranks about 150 countries each year on gender equality in pay, employment opportunities, legal rights, political power, education, and more, there is not a single Muslim majority country among the 50 most gender equal countries, but 21 of the 25 least gender equal countries are Muslim majority (a solid majority of Islamic countries are in the bottom 25). There are 10 countries that execute people for being gay, and all of them are Muslim majority countries. There are 13 countries that execute atheists, and all of them are Muslim majority countries. Over 1/3 of Muslim majority countries execute atheists, over 1/4 execute, gays, and over half are among the least gender equal countries on Earth, and yet left wing politicians in most western countries support increased Islamic immigration in the hopes that Muslims will vote for left wing parties over immigration (at least until they become a large enough voting bloc to push for misogyny, homophobia, and religious bigotry as they do in their home countries).

The Charlottesville rally was over BLM, Antifa, and the social justice left trying to remove statues of Confederate historical figures which they say promotes slavery. And yet European and American whites are arguably the last people on Earth who should be blamed for slavery, while Islamic society is far more pro slavery. The transatlantic slave trade began when Portuguese traders began purchasing slaves from African Muslims who were active participants in the Arab slave trade. The Arab slave trade lasted far longer and enslaved far more people than the transatlantic slave trade, and most European countries ended slavery voluntarily within a couple centuries, while mostly white Americans fought to end slavery in the Civil War. The US also fought in the Barbary wars to stop Muslims from enslaving Europeans in the early 1800s. While whites ended slavery in their own countries themselves, Muslims continued to practice their slave trade until forced to stop by Europeans who conquered them in retaliation for their history of violence, conquest, and enslavement against Europeans (and many others). But to the modern left, whites deserve to be demonized for our brief history of slavery, despite doing more to end slavery than any other people on Earth, while Muslims are considered to be an oppressed group whose history of oppressing others is never held against them.

The same left wing ideologues and activists who defend Muslims, claiming they are not all violent and that we can’t hold the many Islamic terrorist attacks that happen every year or the vicious oppression and murder of minority groups in Muslim majority countries against all Muslims, tell us that the entire alt right movement (and often all white people) are genocidal racists. While the alt right certainly includes some groups such as neo-Nazis who do advocate violence and genocide, most of the growth in the alt right movement lately has not been from these types of people. Alt right leader Richard Spencer has made clear on multiple occasions that he does not endorse violent genocide, only deportation of non-whites from white majority countries and an end to non-white immigration. Many in the alt right are simply concerned about the changing demographics of white majority countries, where left wing policies aimed at reducing white birth rates have resulted in whites reproducing at less than replacement rates while bringing in millions of immigrants from countries with much higher birth rates. The average alt right member is no more likely to support violent genocide than Black Lives Matter activists who have called for white genocide and questioned whether whites deserve a right to life.

This doesn’t mean the alt right should be free from criticism for their beliefs, especially those who advocate for racist violence, but it does mean that Muslims shouldn’t be free from criticism either. Regardless of whether you think the alt right is more or less of a threat than the violent Antifa and BLM protesters who opposed them in Charlottesville, one thing is clear: Islam is a far greater threat to western civilization than either the alt right or Antifa and BLM. And, at least on that subject, the alt right is on western civilization’s side, which is more than can be said for almost anyone on the left.

Author: Atheist Jesus

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  • Operation Gladio B is a classified development of the original Operation Gladio, the NATO/CIA/MI6-backed network of fascist “stay-behind” cells trained to carry out bombings and assassinations in the event of a Soviet invasion of Europe. Sibel Edmonds revealed “Operation Gladio B” as an FBI codename adopted in 1997 for ongoing relations between US intelligence, the Pentagon and Al Qaeda.[1] This substituted Muslims for fascists, and continues to carry out false flag attacks, especially in Europe, as part of a global strategy of tension.

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