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Bechir Rabani – Popular Swedish Alternative Media Journalist Found Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances

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A popular Swedish alternative media journalist, Bechir Rabani, has died today under suspicious circumstances, while investigating Robert Aschberg – a Jewish journalist and radical leftist.

Bechir Rabani gained popularity when he tried to confront Expressen’s (left wing newspaper) editor in chief Thomas Mattson and journalist Diamant Salihu in their homes in Stockholm.

In August 2017 Rabani released a documentary ”I skammens skugga”/”In the shadow of shame”, describing the rape epidemic and perils Swedish girls face from Muslim invaders. He has also been a guest in Red Ice Radio talking about Swedish disintegration and minority rule.

In late September 2017 Rabani infiltrated an ANTIFA demonstration in Gothenburg, exposing the Marxist plebs. In the video the low level lifeforms are seen using slings to throw rocks towards the police, and retreating in panic when the police slowly marches towards them.

Rabani’s latest project was an investigation into Robert Aschberg, a Jewish journalist living in Sweden, and board member of the Expo Foundation. EXPO is an antiracist fountation with one of its many destructive goals being the registering of all right-wing people.  Aschberg is also friends with Jacques Wallner – a man who in 1982 murdered a 21 year old Swedish man in cold blood, “because he was racist”. Jacques Wallner went on to work for Dagens Nyheter.

Aschbergs grandfather “the red banker” Olof Aschberg helped his good friend and mass murderer Joseph Stalin to launder the money that the Bolsheviks had stolen from Russia before the Russian Revolution. It is mostly this inheritance that has allowed Robert Aschberg to rise to his current status. Aschberg is also a fan of Mao Zedong and his ruling methods. One of Mao Zedongs principles was to get rid of people before they could become influential. The same methods are used by Mossad agains Palestinian opinion leaders. According to a former Mossad agent Claire Hoy Victor Ostrovsky the enemy must be destroyed before they become too influential.










After Aschberg refused to be interviewed (at 31.30 in the video), Rabani’s Facebook account was deleted (including all chat messages, which in normal cases would remain visible). “Rabani contacted me two weeks before his death. He received a warning from a contact from the Swedish Security Service warning him to be cautious, and that he is being investigated. He thought that it was all about digging up some dirt from his history. This is what the fb-chat looks like at the moment”

Rabani was supposed to release information about Robert Aschberg, but never got the chance. He was found dead at his home on Friday morning.


Bechir Rabani became 33 years old. He was an ethnic Palestinian whose parents fled to Syria in 1948.  He moved to Sweden in the 1980s.

According to trustworty sources Rabani was healthy and did not suffer from any ilnesses.

Sources (In Swedish) Megafonerna, FriaTider, NordFront

Author: Sander Laanemaa

Sander Laanemaa was born in Estonia in 1984. In 2011 he graduated from the Estonian Maritime Academy as a deck officer. During his studies he took an interest in history, philosophy, psychology, and the occult. His research guided him deep into the rabbit hole, which ultimately led to the creation of Culture Wars.

Sander is fluent in English, Swedish, Finnish, and Estonian.

He has given a number of lectures on various topics on maritime affairs, and also on ancient history and the faults of contemporary social movements.


  • Murderers think they are so powerful. Those whose only right is their power will be covered over by wild grass. You know, even though he is dead, Rabani can still be influential. I will propagate anything I can find in English from him.

  • Listen, demand an full autopsy, because, this is assassination, and probably, like in Norway when Breivik killed the youths in Utøya, he was NOT alone, and one of his friends escaped to ISISrael same day, there was even an phto of that person, whom hide in an Kibbutz in ISISrael, and was as I am 100% certain was an Mossad operative, working in Norway, and our Gov, let that rat go.

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    I can, right now go out an kill anyone, because of Insulin injection, why people dont know beats me, but thats an medical fact, ask the doctors, if the have the balls to be honest.

    May the lord have mercy upon their souls.


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